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tending to or capable of propelling

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The measurements suggest that the gas propelling this particular fountain had built up in a reservoir about 1.
As the riders navigate up the ramp and through the store, easily propelling themselves only with their body motion and not their feet, kids immediately start telling their parents, `I want that
They're getting closer to propelling a spacecraft in this way.
I look forward to propelling Pompeian to profitable new growth," stated Monroe.
This time, however, the light propelling the spacecraft would come from a star other than our own.
Over time, the superclusters fragmented to form galaxy clusters that early galaxies exploded, propelling clusters at the high speeds observed.
In the latest edition of the 'Mortgage Principles and Interest' newsletter, Fitch takes a look back at the major developments and trends that highlighted the residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS) market in 2001, such as the significant consolidations in the subprime industry, the key role of refinancings in propelling the RMBS industry to record numbers, and year-ending culmination of two of the largest subprime transactions ever issued (the $7.