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tending to or capable of propelling

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* Allowing on many public lands managed by FWC PCP airguns propelling a single projectile-no less than .30 caliber or an arrow or bolt-to take deer during established seasons, including most general gun, family, supervised youth and mobility-impaired hunts, but not including archery or muzzle-loading gun seasons.
Sampson Morden (1790 to 1843) was a silversmith famed for inventing the first propelling pencil in 1822.
The gases expand instantly, propelling the shell skyward.
The three-ball gizmo would move by a series of transformations in which each arm elongated or contracted, changing the spacing between the balls and propelling the device forward, reported Iranian physicists Ramin Golestanian of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences in Zanjan and Ali Najafi, now at Zanjan University.
On average, residents were observed propelling their wheelchairs on only four of the 96 observations.
The measurements suggest that the gas propelling this particular fountain had built up in a reservoir about 1.5 kilometers below the lava-filled crater, the researchers say.