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Synonyms for propeller


Synonyms for propeller

a mechanical device that rotates to push against air or water

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Mason's MS.] This morning we had again some little trouble with the rod of the propeller, which must be entirely remodelled, for fear of serious accident - I mean the steel rod - not the vanes.
Her great propellers had been drawn and housed during our descent of the shaft and in their place had been run out the smaller but more powerful water propellers.
Our turbines scream shrilly; the propellers cannot bite on the thin air; Tim shunts the lift out of five tanks at once and by sheer weight drives her bullet wise through the maelstrom till she cushions with jar on an up-gust, three thousand feet below.
Almoneit, "Installation effects of a propeller mounted on a high-lift wing with a Coanda flap.
Global Automotive Propeller Shaft Market: Market Dynamics
In experiments, the nonuniform ship's wake is needed for measuring propeller exciting forces.
Cian Wyn Williams, now 17, was caught in the propeller of a speedboat while trying to climb back into it after swimming close to his home.
The metal and glass propellers could inform the design of microbots and drug delivery systems, the scientists report December 11 in Science Advances.
Under the deal, MHI-MME will provides CZZH the manufacturing and marketing rights to its marine propellers, said a statement.
CFD calculations analyse not only the propeller performance but also (most importantly) the interaction between the propeller and the hull.
Propeller's A Midsummer Night's Dream has enchanted packed houses all over the world.
Davis Instruments' Prop Sox system includes three injection-molded plastic covers that fit most boaters' propeller blades.
A total of 23 employees lost their jobs at Propeller (GB), the only company trading at the time, after joint administrators Ian Schofield and Graham Newton of BDO were appointed on February 10.
Representing DMMP, Executive Vice President Chen Baoqi said: "Entering into this agreement with MAN Diesel and Turbo, ensures and strengthens DMMP's leading position in the market place and delivers the most efficient and environmentally friendly propeller solutions to our shipowners."