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Enhancement of plasmid curing by 9 - aminoacridine and two phenathiazines in the presence of oriton pump inhibitor 1- 2 - propanone.
Following recovery of the "ALIPHATIC" fractions just prior to exposure of the sodium sulphate layer, the column was eluted with 1:1 mixture of propanone and DCM in 1-2ml increments.
This mixture was kept under stirring for 5 min and after that the dark beads were thoroughly washed with distilled deionized water and propanone and dried at 65[degrees]C.
A classical instance of a non-ideal solution is the mixture of propanone and trichloromethane, which involves strong interactions between these molecules.
1-hydroxy-1-phenyl-2- propanone formed was extracted from the fermentation broth using toluene (sample to volume ratio of 1:2) in a separating funnel.
The modified resin beads were filtered out, followed by thorough washing with cold water and then with propanone.