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a clear colorless volatile liquid (alcohol) used as a solvent and antiseptic

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"Propanol 2 is a critical part of our selective growth strategy and a commitment to our Bay City production site.
Propanol is a key ingredient in the manufacture of a range of products such as adhesives, coatings, printing inks and pharmaceuticals formulations, it said.
By diluting the condensed extracts with acetone, ethanol, methanol, propanol, and distilled water, the stock solutions of plant extracts were prepared.
The propanol extracts of S.cariensis subsp cariensis leaves and branches showed the best antibacterial activity against E.coli and A.hydrophila (9mm) .
The lower [I.sub.DLE]/[I.sub.NBE] ratio as well as the lower resistivity indicates that propanol is better than ethanol.
Ultrasonic velocities of different mixtures increased with increase in chain length of the alcohols till 40% of alcohol concentration and beyond 40% volume component of alcohol there is a reversal trend indicating that the velocities are in the increasing trend of ethanol > propanol > methanol which are reported in Tables 1-3 and the graphs for the ultrasonic velocity is shown in Fig.
@loveandgarbage (loveandgarbage): Jackson trial update blah blah blah rohypnol blah blah blah propanol blah blah blah alcohol blah blah blah show me on the doll blah blah bla.
She had almost twice the potentially fatal level of propanol in her system, a type of beta-blocker, and a small amount of alcohol.
As NaCl is insoluble in 2- propanol its formation in the solution gave a cloudy white appearance.
Five tenders for the supply of different printing chemicals & requisites including (a) different color sheet fed inks and thermal web inks, (b) iso propanol alcohol solution & blanket washing solution, (c) PH thermal humidifying solution (Polyman & Roland 700) and silicon solution, (d) stitching wire & (e) hot melt for the peeling line (part of the binding process).
A sequence of two TLT altered-density cascades reclaims 1 to 2 tons/hr of PET bottle flake--the first unit separating PET from PP and PE bottle-cap flakes in plain water, the second separating the PP from PE in a lighter-than-water mix (0.92 g/cc) of propanol and water.
A second approach is to mix an alcohol--ethanol, propanol or methanol--with an oil and dessicant to form an ester.
Tenders are invited for iso propanol (ipa propanol-2-ch-3-ch (oh)-ch3)as per is:2631-1964.
Solventborne coatings are comprised of solvents such as ketone, toluene, xylene and propanol, which are based on petroleum.
Consequently, other slower evaporating primary alcohols, such as propanol or butanol, were evaluated in a blend as a partial replacement for some of the remaining ethanol to help maintain and lengthen the pot life.