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Synonyms for propagator

someone who propagates plants (as under glass)

someone who spreads the news


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On the other hand, the university administration told the media that they had already contacted the FIA against the propagators of fake news.
Chapter 10: Observables and Propagators. Internet website: "Observables and Propagators, Fradkin".
"The propagators of so-called 'healing touch policy' have unleashed a reign of terror and declared a war against people in Kashmir.
One of the most effective propagators I've used, powered entirely by natural and renewable energy, is an empty compost bag turned inside out, so the heat-absorbing black side faces out.
The parareal algorithm has several well-known properties in the following: (a) the initial values for the fine propagator on each time subdomain are known in every iteration, so the fine propagators on different time subdomains can be implemented by different processors.
A group of 30 Filipino and Ethiopian detainees at the Search and Follow-up Department have embraced Islam recently at the hands of propagators from Sheikh Thani bin Abdullah for Humanitarian Services (RAF) and Qatar Guest Centre.
Look for Stewart propagators in most garden centres.
Officers from Cardiff Council are advising owners of the Verve 42cm propagators from B&Q to stop using them after the particular product may overheat when it is used - after a fault in a small number of them was reported to the retailer.
There are a number of windowsill propagators and even windowsill veg plots and Grow Light Gardens, which are ingenious ways of stretching the growing season and are available from garden centres, DIY stores or Grow Your Own magazine highly recommends saving up for the Vitopod, claiming it is the best and most accurate electric propagator it has seen and retails at pounds 124.95.
Continue sowing seed of summer bedding plants in heated propagators..
First-year flowering perennials which can be sown early in heated propagators and then grown on in a greenhouse or cool room include achillea, helenium, echinacea, salvia and coreopsis.
Garden centres, mail order and online retailers offer a wealth of heated propagators of different sizes and prices can vary enormously, so it's worthwhile doing some research into exactly what conditions the seeds you want to sow need.
Propagators come in a variety of sizes and styles starting from your basic beginner kit through to a deluxe heated propagator.
BUYING VEGETABLES AS PLANTS If you are on a tight budget and haven't the means to fork out on seed trays, compost and heated propagators, it can be just as economical to buy some veg as small plants.
A Electric propagators give a consistent heat of 18-20C, which is ideal for difficult-to-germinate plants such as begonia, geraniums or impatiens.