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Synonyms for propagator

someone who propagates plants (as under glass)

someone who spreads the news


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If you're using a propagator, take the lid off as soon as the seeds germinate because lids reduce light levels.
From the perspective of the PV theory, the normalization of dt" by the Planck time [t.sub.*] and H by the Planck-particle mass energy [m.sub.*][c.sup.2] strongly suggest that the scattering in the quantum-electro-dynamic propagator theory is caused by the Planck-particle cores that pervade the vacuum state.
The coarse propagator G is cheap and lowly accurate, and the fine propagator F is of high precision but also more expensive.
Don't expect the same results you would get from using a heated propagator, or by heating a greenhouse to maintain a constant temperature.
The algorithm employs a modified propagator method (MPM) for frequency-domain time delay estimation and then uses a marriage algorithm of 3D Chan and Taylor for range-based multilateral localization and node position computation.
Host Jonathan Wood, a licensed master falconer, wildlife rehabilitator, raptor propagator, and game bird breeder, will share his fascination with birds.
Iam making a greenhouse and I wanted a seed propagator (a heated mat for starting seeds) but at the garden supply store they were $50 and then it only holds one tray of seeds.
To treat strong interactions which are inherent in the processes described by the corrected renormalized vertex (the [^.[GAMMA].sup.npW] (k) shaded circle with heavy core in the diagram 3), and by the irreducible four-fermion amplitude [M.sub.2[gamma]] (the "box-diagrams" 9), we split the virtual photon propagator, involved therein, into two parts
CONGRATULATIONS to Birmingham's newest record label, Propagator.
The caller asked Beech grove presenters Jim McColl and Frieda Morrison how to use a propagator, a kind of mini indoor greenhouse.
Talarian and Oracle have developed a multicast content transport solution (a propagator), increases critical network bandwidth and improve CPU efficiency.
After developing a master propagator for Conformal Quantum Fluctuations, the time development of the gravitational wave function for the interior Schwarzschild solution is considered.
Elmo Zumwalt III, the best-known propagator of the junk science behind the previous incarnation of GWS, the Agent Orange scare.
His formula, or "propagator," in effect encapsulates the overall dynamical behavior of a given system, making it possible to calculate quickly what happens over time to a small disturbance starting anywhere within the system.