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Synonyms for propagation

Synonyms for propagation

the process by which an organism produces others of its kind

Synonyms for propagation

the spreading of something (a belief or practice) into new regions

the act of producing offspring or multiplying by such production

the movement of a wave through a medium

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Flame propagation initiated at the spark plug positioned on the left side of the figure progressed rightward, and the right side of the combustion chamber was the end-gas region.
These social behaviors may have a certain impact on information propagation.
This section discusses investigative study results for the radiated electromagnetic noise propagation in the automobile test system.
1] of output plane are much smaller than the distance z of propagation, r can be rewritten by means of a Taylor series expansion as r = z + [([x.
The symbols "[DELTA]", "O" and "X" indicate AEs that detected at different propagation length of 10, 20 and 30 mm.
The authors in [14] proposed an idea for modeling of the urban propagation environment as a random lattice.
Section 3 explains the importance and details of various propagation models used in wireless communication systems.
The Okumura-Hata model has been largely studied and shown to be suitable for predicting the signal propagation of FTE networks [2], In its primary form, the model distinguishes the distance from the receiver to the transmitter, the frequency used and the effective antenna height, i.
Additionally, of interest, is to contrast radio wave propagation conditions in different seasons of the year in different Lithuanian terrains attributed to multipath propagation phenomena of radio waves higher than 10 GHz.
It is shown that there are reflected paths and diffraction paths besides the direct path in the process of propagation.
The propagation of an optical beam in a nonlocal nonlinear medium in the paraxial approximation is described by NNLSE [3]:
We intentionally read the article "Association of aortic flow propagation velocity with ankle-brachial blood pressure index in patients with hypertension: an observational study.
In indoor communications and localization, propagation loss measurements due to miscellaneous phenomenon are of vital importance [1,2].
Radio Channel Simulator software uses a new propagation model and a geometric model of the propagation environment to generate a 3D map of path loss with respect to a transmitter.
In process of designing the limits of sanitary area coverage of mobile cellular communications base station antenna, the task of prediction of electromagnetic field propagation is being solved.
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