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Scientists had theoretically predicted that specifically structured surfaces can turn the wavefronts of light upside-down when it propagates along them.
This, in turn, affects the way in which the material propagates sound waves, making it appear 'softer' than it actually is.
It defines a voltage pattern that would propagate undistorted down the line, an impedance of each line when in that mode and a speed of the signal that propagates in that mode.
When a crack propagates through the enamel from the surface toward the interior of the tooth, it stops right at the junction between the enamel and the dentin.
As a neutron propagates through a medium, it accumulates different phases for its helicity states: [[phi].
For Anastasi, the medium propagates the medium, as Bent Fausing states in his catalogue text.
Kalanchoe also propagates itself, without human assistance, in two ways: It produces adventitious roots, through ground layering, wherever its stems bend and touch the ground; if its dried-up flowers are not snipped, but left on the plant and allowed to go to seed, a crop of new kalanchoe seedlings will germinate around the existing plants after a rainy winter.
B is the most worrisome for enterprise customers, primarily due to the quickness with which it propagates.
Dobry propagates many of the plants grown in the Soka garden in two adjacent greenhouses.
It is no surprise that we have seen yet another variant of the Sober worm, as this worm propagates via port 25 SMTP traffic," said Scott Chasin, CTO, MX Logic Inc.
Predictive Threat Filter: using predictive analytics, network anomaly detection and known threat profiles, the system assesses potential risk and applies heuristic filters to identify and block a potential IM attack before it propagates.
It can run on computers running Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/XP, from where it propagates to, and infects, devices running Windows 2000, causing the repeated shutdown and rebooting of that computer.
The software allows engineers to identify the overall load at which a crack initiates and to predict the behavior of the structure as the crack propagates.
The nP3705 propagates the novel nP5(TM) architecture first introduced with the nP3700.