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Synonyms for propagandize

to teach to accept a system of thought uncritically

Synonyms for propagandize

subject to propaganda


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spread by propaganda

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Nesterenko explained that "the criminal connivance of the Estonian authorities at the conduct of such gatherings that not only desecrate the memory of the millions of victims of fascism, but also propagandize the ideology of neo-Nazism, xenophobia and racism, and must not remain without the attention and principled assessments from Estonia's European Union partners.
That means they cannot pay for any activity related to the debate and cannot host conferences that "propagandize for or against the treaty."
Add this to the long list of other impeachable offenses--lying the country into war, torturing prisoners, exporting detainees for torture, paying columnists to propagandize the American public--that George W.
"ABC is now unwelcome to contact any Russian state organizations or bodies." It said broadcasting the Basayev interview "was a clear case of helping to propagandize terrorism".
With too few others involved in the effort, perhaps out of a fear of being labeled religion bashers, the religious right received a kind of carte blanche to propagandize and spread the misinformation and disinformation that has now become lodged in the minds of large portions of the electorate.
Who could imagine the people of a great democracy turning over the right to harass and propagandize themselves on their own public airwaves to a handful of gigantic corporations and the billionaire press lords who control those corporations?
The North Korean effort to propagandize the crisis is just the flip side of seeking dialogue with the United States.
In fact, says Suid, their purposes were many, among which were to educate, inspire, influence, and propagandize, but especially to entertain and make money.
During the post-war period, Bryant locates fiction which does not simply propagandize against mob violence but views it and other violence "to be a dramatic complement to black life." In his discussion of two episodes in Jean Toomer's Cane, Bryant designates the shift of emphasis from the literal to the literary ("Blood-Burning Moon").
Far from cheering, Magyar filmmakers are criticizing the government for pumping scarce funds into dubious projects that they say pols are using to propagandize themselves and pay off cronies.
The NCC Food Group found out the morning of July 19, 2000 that a new anti-biotechnology coalition was to kickoff their campaign to harass companies using genetically modified ingredients by trespassing on supermarket property to propagandize throughout the nation.
Despite what the optimists propagandize for the new millennium, no one really knows what lies ahead.
It is no part of our purpose to propagandize the Protestant faith or any other, nor to criticize or oppose the teaching or internal practices of the Roman Catholic Church or any other.
In an important prose pamphlet, Poetry Militant (1909), he argued that the poet should educate, propagandize, and indoctrinate.
Chapters also address the role of media and advertising, the study of propaganda and persuasion, propaganda and psychological warfare, and how propaganda works in modern society, ending with case studies of women and work during World War II, pharmaceutical companies, and the use of paid pundits to propagandize for the Pentagon.