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information that is spread for the purpose of promoting some cause

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The dirty protest was meant to register, propagandistically, both inside and outside the prison and was much more effective than more familiar Republican tactics of disruption (these included breaking windows, smashing furniture, or burning down prison huts), which had little symbolic impact outside of the prison itself.
1) Alethea Hayter found the poem too religious for a modern audience while Angela Leighton described it as "a propagandistically tear-jerking poem.
Its methodology underwent constant refinement so as to meet the demands of its repressive goals at a particular historical moment which, although propagandistically described in triumphalist terms, actually coincided with a profound crisis.
Such a view on the city's urban living environment represents a counterweight to the official line taken by the government; the National University propagandistically denies that any such building collapses have occurred.
The Basque poet writes in a country whose cultural identity is shaped propagandistically by a dictator with a specific political agenda.
On the one hand, the author relies on a variety of primary sources, like manuscripts C and D of The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle (Abingdon and Worcester), as well as on some recent studies, like Smyth (1995; see also Horspool 2007), which have questioned many of the accepted assumptions about the nationalistic motives behind king Alfred's achievements, as propagandistically expressed by Victorian historiography.
Thus, it simultaneously strengthens the state and weakens civil society, even as it creates the illusion of a vibrant private sector patriotically engaged in supplying goods and services to the heroic military establishment (the Boeing Company's slickly produced television ads, among others, splendidly illustrate this propagandistically encouraged illusion).