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of or relating to or characterized by propaganda


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It is time for them to realise that such propagandistic exercises simply carry no credibility,' ministry spokesperson Raveesh Kumar said, reported PTI.
There is no legal way into the region other than on occasional highly orchestrated propagandistic state tours.
The author dismisses these accusations arguing that silence constituted "un posicionamiento etico en si" ["an ethical stand in itself'] (iio) and a sign of courage and independence that distinguished them from the deliberately propagandistic and old-fashioned Georgian war poetry.
Other noteworthy points in the book are Harmsen's use of wartime photographs for pedagogic and not propagandistic purposes, his citing of Japanese sources in Chinese translation in an attempt portray both sides graphically in the conflict, and his stress on significant Soviet aid to China's war effort, especially in the form of pilots and planes, on top of earlier assistance from Germany.
Medvedev's spokeswoman referred to corruption allegations against the prime minister as "propagandistic attacks" and called it pre-election publicity stunt, Reuters reported.
However, those who disseminate information must be careful not to distort facts for propagandistic or sensationalist considerations.
He focuses on the world view that is expressed in royal inscriptions and iconography that legitimated imperialism and the right of kings to rule--essentially the official formulation of an imperial idea in a fundamentally propagandistic and indoctrinating manner.
Xi's talk echoed Mao Zedong, who spoke at the Yan'an Forum of Art in 1942, which laid the bedrock for the Party's propagandistic use of arts.
It works through its journal and elsewhere to establish an aesthetically informed an properly critical restoration literature and, where appropriate, to counter partisan or propagandistic accounts in the specialist press and in the public media.
Selander juxtaposed her own footage with appropriated clips from Dziga Vertov's film The Eleventh Year (1928), an emblematic example of the militantly propagandistic cinema produced in the early years of the Soviet Union.
With film it was a bit different: Film was a product of the times; it was by and large propagandistic, and the topics dealt with were generally uninteresting.
"The conclusion from the report is that the State Department still prefers the propagandistic approach to thoughtful, detailed and substantive discussion of problems (over implementation of arms control treaties)," the ministry said.
In the light of opposition leader Zoran Zaev's latest 'bomb' about how the amnesty for the war crimes, known as Hague cases, was bargained over, Albanian experts say Zaev has touched upon a sensitive issue with a propagandistic effect considering it concerns a process that has been closed with political consensus, Nova Makedonija reports.
Calling it a mere propagandistic perception, Asif categorically rejected the protesting parties --Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT)-- had pressured the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz government to a standstill
"The propagandistic farce, which terrorists qualify as the referendum, will have no legal consequences except the criminal responsibility for its organizers," Turchynov said.