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of or relating to or characterized by propaganda


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In fact the metaphor of "God in the Mud" in the chapter's title alludes to the war poets' literary and ethical repositioning in relation to what Insausti calls "un derrumabamiento etico" ["an ethical collapse"] (220) of the propagandistic means and moral principles on which British imperialism, its heroes and the idea of war as adventure had been consolidated and perpetuated.
The work begins with images of the emergency banknotes printed in Germany during a period of extreme inflation in the 1920s; their designs are emblazoned with propagandistic messages in text and image alike.
The conclusion from the report is that the State Department still prefers the propagandistic approach to thoughtful, detailed and substantive discussion of problems (over implementation of arms control treaties)," the ministry said.
In the light of opposition leader Zoran Zaev's latest 'bomb' about how the amnesty for the war crimes, known as Hague cases, was bargained over, Albanian experts say Zaev has touched upon a sensitive issue with a propagandistic effect considering it concerns a process that has been closed with political consensus, Nova Makedonija reports.
Calling it a mere propagandistic perception, Asif categorically rejected the protesting parties --Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT)-- had pressured the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz government to a standstill
The propagandistic farce, which terrorists qualify as the referendum, will have no legal consequences except the criminal responsibility for its organizers," Turchynov said.
Laying the blame for the humanitarian crisis on Syria means a yet another attempt to misinform the international community and to create the necessary propagandistic background for pushing an imbalanced and counterproductive "humanitarian resolution" through the UN Security Council," Lukashevich said.
We need 10 to 15 years to be able to return Lake Urumiyeh to its previous situation and any slogan and propagandistic or political promise which is devoid of reality is treason against the lake and the people," Chitchian told a meeting of Majlis deputies from East Azerbaijan province.
Observers believe that occasional hawkish comments by the Iranian lawmakers is propagandistic measures to "withstand West's demands and pressures" in regards to Iran's nuclear program.
The main carriers of propagandistic messages that aim to the public opinion are mass communication media and the discourse, which -expressed through them--reaches wide audiences.
of Hull, UK) presents a study of late 19th-century anti-authoritarian socialist, William Morris, and his propagandistic and other creative engagements with representations of violence.
As for possible explanations of the anarchists' nationalistic representation of Spain, he suggests the propagandistic delegitimation of the enemy; the pressures towards conformity within the republican zone; self-legitimation and the desire for distance from other political fractions; the philonationalist tradition within the anarchist movement; and the demand for a 'literatura de combate' (pp.
To him, it all feels too propagandistic, "like a Nuremburg rally," and he wants no part of it.
However, even in its unfinished and silent state the rhetorical structure and propagandistic thrust that underlies the Warsaw footage is readily evident.
But lately pure politics has been a greater focus for the right, and even culture--in the sense of film, music, and literature--has come to be valued more for its propagandistic value than for its higher ends.