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Synonyms for propagandist

Synonyms for propagandist

a person who disseminates messages calculated to assist some cause or some government

of or relating to or characterized by propaganda

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Instead, Roberto's passionate enunciations inadvertently divert the attention from his lucid pronouncements on propagandism, the absence of civility, liberty, and his own Cuban history.
The radicalization of adversarial internal politics, with its sharp dividing lines between communist proponents of the new policies and their mortal enemies, coincided with an important development in cinematic art--the introduction of Socialist Realism, which strove to combine the political consciousness and propagandism of the Soviet avant-garde with the engaging potential of mass-entertainment cinema.
I have too profound a conviction of the efficacy that lies in all sincere faith, and the spiritual blight that comes of No-faith, to have any negative propagandism in me.
Guizot found this "definitive goal of our social state" in "the progress of civilization and public reason" in contrast to "the spirit of conquest, of armed propagandism, and of system.
The pamphlet distributed at the door was entitled 'As to the Leopard's Spots,' an open letter to Mr Dixon by Kelly Miller, a negro of Howard University, Washington, DC, in which he said he wrote "to express the attitude and feeling of 10,000,000 of your fellow-citizens toward the evil propagandism of race animosity to which you have lent your literary powers.