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  • verb

Synonyms for propagandize

to teach to accept a system of thought uncritically

Synonyms for propagandize

subject to propaganda


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spread by propaganda

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The minds of our young are being corrupted by some very shabby propagandising, and, if it were not for those of mothers brought up overseas in other ways of thinKing, there simply wouldn't - any more - be enough babies to sustain human life on this island.
A spokesman for the AHRC said: "At no point do we ever say we're propagandising it.
Isaac and June both rage against the complacency of Churchill's Government, she for its propagandising, he for its implicit belief that Jews might be working as spies in Britain for the Nazis.
And its script follows the fantasy which the regime has been propagandising for the last 12 days or so - outright denial of actual defeats and reverses, coupled with high-pitched appeals to martyrdom and holy war.
Taylor will be seen as the poisonous propagandising little reptile that he is, using blackmail, bluff and misinformation to bring the beautiful game almost catastrophically to its knees.