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subject to propaganda


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spread by propaganda

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At he ist campaigner Richard Dawkins, who is also involved in the four-week campaign, said: "We are used to being bombarded by religious interests who seem to think they have a Godgiven right to propagandise.
Mr Blunkett says: "Well I don't think for a minute in previous wars we'd have thought twice about ensuring that a propaganda mechanism on the soil of the country you were invading would actually continue being able to propagandise against you.
If this interest was confined to the merchant class, then the Imperial Institute, formed in 1887 to propagandise empire, ensured more widespread interest.
Mr Ervine, whose party is linked to the UVF, said: "It seems to me that Sinn Fein seem to be trying to propagandise the circumstance - let's have the American film crews, let's have the German film crews, let's get the world to hear my pain and my problem.
The reason is that they have been expressed by the Archbishop of Canterbury who, one presumes, they expect not to think but merely to blindly propagandise.