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a course that provides an introduction to an art or science (or to more advanced study generally)

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As indicated earlier, rather than exciting a literal stalking version of the Othello syndrome, for instance, Hawthorne seems to advertise through the immediate story of Wakefield the propaedeutic merits of perspectival reversal as such: "[He] gathers courage to pause and look .
For instance around 3 000 years BC Hindus studied phonetics, grammar, exegesis, logic, mathematics, astronomy and some other scientific disciplines as propaedeutics for understanding the Vedas.
14) These books would have to articulate propaedeutics for practical reason and for the metaphysics of natural science.
Finally, it is also called Propaedeutics of Theology, which means the body of principles introductory to the science of theology" (Joseph Henry Fichter, Textbook in Apologetics [Milwaukee: Bruce, [1951 (2)] 1).
He quotes a passage from al-Farabi's Epistle on What Ought to Precede the State of Philosophy, where a moral propaedeutics (reform of character traits) is required, exactly as Ibn 'Adi's Reformation of Morals proposes.