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A suggestion: When a manuscript is about to go to press, invite a handful of colleagues to proofread your manuscript.
Learn to proofread with perfection, get a grasp on grammar rules and sharpen your writing skills.
Proofread your completed application at least twice before you mail it out.
In another task, researchers told students to proofread text until they felt "reasonably satisfied" with their work.
Jamieson says they can "professionally proofread many of your documents within one hour.
Three days later, after a round of finger-pointing, City Clerk Michael Carey admitted he and his staff goofed in failing to proofread the voter pamphlet and will spend more than $300,000 for a supplemental mailing to fix their blunder.
25, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Ediket is a web-based platform that lets users get their writing proofread in as little as an hour by a real person.
The completed pamphlet was subsequently proofread by three election officials - entry-level, middle and senior managers - none of whom questioned where the attachment, referred to in Proposition 1's narrative, actually was.
While we do proofread these things very carefully, with the volume on that particular page, that was something that was missed.
Although Part and her committee proofread the recipes as they were tested and typed, a committee of five spent a full week proofreading the galleys at the end.
The 76-year-old pontiff recovered from the anesthesia quicker than expected and managed to proofread his doctors' bulletin before it was released to the media, said Navarro-Valls, a Spanish physician and journalist.
8221; Instead of relying on a manual proofread to catch errors, the software identifies all the differences between documents and generates a comprehensive report.