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a phrase that functions as a pronoun

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al-kaskasa: Dialect of RabIca, Mudar, Bakr and Hawazin: changing of the pronominal feminine suffix, in pausal form, 'k' into 's', as in 'alaysh or abus for 'alayki and abuki (Ibn Jinni, Khasa'is, Bab ikhtilaf al-lughat wa kulluha hujja; see also: Jundi, Lahajat, al-Tashif);
I will then have a closer look at the nominal and pronominal terms of address that the two interactants use for each other.
according to Versinin, all of these go back to a primitive i/e demonstrative particle ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] 89), and Paasonen also classifies them under the e- pronominal root.
Such as this one, in which we meet, over several languages, and driven into the distances prescribed by something that wills itself a now to which none may grant convincing coordinates, and each by his or her pronominal nullity, may claim with any degree of certainty to having attended, for a time, to a number (not necessarily serial) of more or less demanding considerations, the moment of one's own pronominal apprehension having evacuated itself in the very voice by which it is pronounced, mispronounced, delivered, exhausted.
Secondly, it functions as a pronominal argument, for anaphoric co-reference (Bresnan & Mchombo 1987; Louwrens 1991; Poulos & Louwrens 1994; Mchombo 2004).
Em termos linguisticos, o desuso do pronome vos para o tratamento cerimonioso de interlocutor, conduziu a insercao de formas nominais de tratamento e esta, dentre elas, a FNT vossa merce que evoluiu, gradual e paulatinamente, como um legitimo processo de mudanca linguistica, ate constituir a forma pronominal voce em portugues.
ene and lene in Arezzo; and/or other pronominal categories, including Italian cio ne and Romanian cine (Vignoli, 165; Pieri, 340; Rohrsheim, 59).
However, elsewhere (52) Matras admits north-western influence, and as an example he refers to the Romani pronominal suffixes (as in the Romani past-tense forms kerdjo-m 'I did', kerdja-s 'he/she did' etc.
Pronominal anaphora resolution based on named entities.
The opening line of Section 4, 'The Nights'--'They both needed to talk'--would seem to continue the story of Romulus and Remus, but as gradually becomes clear the focus has in fact shifted to Aegisthus and Clytemnestra, the pronominal ambiguity again suggesting the enwebment or interconnectedness of human history.
Further evidence that syntax is not the sole factor involved in null pronominal subjects comes from the observation of Samek-Lodovici (1996) that null thematic subject pronouns are only possible in Italian with a topic antecedent and thus that a null subject in the second sentence of Example (5) is unacceptable because it lacks such a topic antecedent.
Raz maintains a straightforward surface in her poems (what Heather McHugh would call "a very windexed window") while at the same time deepening the subtext through a ruse of pronominal slippage, in which the players in the drama seem to turn into one another everywhere:
This discussion opens the door to their learning a few rudiments of Creole or perhaps a bit about the pronominal system or articles.
after having learned colors and numbers, or preparing (and then eating) a sandwich, fruit salad, or other foods based on oral recipe instructions after having learned food vocabulary and the imperative structure, or the Newlywed Game after having learned pronominal verbs and the vocabulary of family and marriage; or a more elaborate activity such as the Family Tree activity whereby the entire class is "a family" and detective work is required in order to sort out the family relations amongst the participants, this is the lesson where we observe the language acquisition process taking place.