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being disposed to do something

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05 IRIF--fantasy, IRI-TP--taking the perspective, IRI-EC--empathic care, IRI-PD--own distress, ANGER--proneness to display anger, GRIEF proneness to display grief and sadness, FEAR proneness to display fear, [L.
MY attention was drawn to an item about a quiz designed at a medical centre in Ohio to test for proneness to Alzheimer's disease.
2005) found that private self-focusing was also a good predictor of hallucination proneness.
Over protection by parents, certain life events, proneness to adversity, social learning and cognitive dynamic factors were all very important.
Schizotypy extends over a continuum (Johns & van Os, 2001) from non-pathological personality to psychosis, and the variations over this continuum describe different degrees of proneness or risk to schizophrenic disorders.
Kevin Mirallas' proneness to niggles is a concern for David Moyes
Shame proneness and forgiveness are two characteristics that can have a significant impact on LGBTQ self-esteem.
Those with lower levels of guilt proneness were more likely to make unethical business decisions, lie for monetary gain, arrive late to work, steal office supplies, and behave rudely to clients.
fallibility and proneness to racism, intolerance, and double standards.
Phlox drummondii is an annual bedding type that had almost disappeared due to its proneness to disease.
Asked whether he holds aspirations to become Prime Minister, Parvanov says that the rumor has started circulating due to a proneness to speculation that the media contracted from Bulgarian politics.
At least one of the following forms of daytime impairment: impairment in attention, concentration, or memory; fatigue or malaise; mood disturbance or irritability; daytime sleepiness; reduction in motivation, energy, or initiative; proneness for errors and accidents at work or while driving; tension, headaches, or GI symptoms in response to sleep loss; and concerns or worries about sleep.
20) Therefore, it is necessary to specifically study whether such problems exist in people with SPD proneness.
This tendency for folie en masse is consistent with studies that show pre-psychotic thinking is found in more than half of the general population, suggesting a continuum between psychosis proneness and clinical psychosis.