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turn the forearm or the hand so that the palm is directed downwards

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We have now compared runners with neutral foot pronation with the runners who pronate to varying degrees, and our findings suggest that overpronating runners do not have a higher risk of injury than anyone else," said physiotherapist and PhD student Rasmus O.
The target posture required subjects to either supinate or pronate the virtual wrist across a movement distance of 75[degrees] to achieve success.
Usually the problem is caused by repetitive movements, such as: lots of walking (especially if you tend to pronate, or roll your foot inward when you walk) or lots of cardiovascular exercise for long periods on your feet.
Finally, a pitcher must powerfully pronate the forearm, meaning he downwardly rotates his thumb, through release.
Do you bevel some areas on the shoes for the two-thirds of the population who pronate, or run inward, and so on?
Many runners pronate too much which is called "overpronation" or not enough which is called "underpronation.
Another, less common, way is to simply pronate the wrist while feeling for the reduction at the radial head.
Christ's drawn, emaciated body is lacerated and bruised, and the soles of his feet are turned upward in pronate position, showing the nail-holes.
The foot may pronate (very basically, roll in) or supinate (roll out) in response to stresses on the foot.
It feels better than it did last Friday, but it's still hard for me to pronate and raise up on my toes.
If your feet pronate excessively, an orthotic device (a heel cup or other shoe insert) may prevent heel pain and can also be useful in treatment.
Lauren Lovette's ankles have flexibility and strength in all the wrong places: They're loose side to side, making it easy to pronate, but too stiff to achieve a deep plie.
6) Cozen's test is perfomed by asking the patient to actively make a fist, pronate the forearm, and radially deviate and extend the wrist while the examiner resists the motion.
Imagine the heel to be a pendulum swinging in and out as you supinate and pronate.
This may mean little to us non-runners, but you ask any serious jogger about whether they over or under pronate and they will know exactly what you're talking about.