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the copy of the playscript used by the prompter


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The Shakespeare Promptbooks. Urbana and London: U of Illinois P,
(7) The New York Public Library's Billy Rose Theatre Collection preserves an annotated promptbook of The Melting Pot, used in production of the play in 1908-09, which represents an earlier stage in the composition of the work than the published edition.
Many documents and other assets such as photographs, drawings, marketing campaigns, artwork, union contracts, promptbooks, etc., are created for a specific production.
Two pieces of evidence--his own testimony and the promptbook
Surprisingly, Aebischer does not refer to Edward Bond's 1971 Lear play, which transfers the blinding to Lear, thus neatly supporting the point she makes that "Lear's suffering upstages every experience around him" (189); instead, she cites a "revealing slip" in the promptbook for Cicely Berry's 1988 RSC production which implies that Lear is at the center of this scene, not Gloucester (158).
Royal Shakespeare Company, Swan Theatre, Stanford-Upon-Avon, 1994 Archival video cording, promptbook, production photographs held by the Shakespeare Centre, Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, Stanford-upon-Avon.
For example, at the beginning of the second part, the RSC promptbook adds stage business after the slaves have been brought onstage that, translated, means: Stanmore and Otman enter back right (upper stage left) and cross to Oroonoko.
It has been convincingly argued that Wilkins did not consult the official promptbook used by the King's Men or any substantive copy of the play while writing The Pain full Adventures, and that he made up for the inevitable lapses of his memory by resorting to Twine.(10) With regard to Pericles' first oath, there are good reasons to believe that Wilkins took it over from Twine and not from the play.
32 Antonia Banducci discusses an exceptional example of a chorus of soldiers moving to centre stage in Campra's Tancrede (1.3); see her 'Staging a tragedie en musique: a 1748 Promptbook of Campra's Tancrede', Early Music, xxi (1993), 180-90.
Julius Caesar Tragedy in five acts by Shakespeare, William, Shakespeare, produced in 1599-1600 and published in the First Folio of 1623 from a transcript of a promptbook.
237, a promptbook, reads "The ~ School for Scanda ~ A ~ Comedy ~ Written by ~ Richard Brinsley Sheridan Esqr"; the title on the Dramatis Persona [sic] page reads "Calcutta Theatre"; and the date on the title page indicates that it was presumably acquired or prepared circa "March 25th, 1782."(2) The cast list with only the British actors' last names preceded by "Mr." reveals that none of the actors was a professional in the contemporary London or provincial theatres and that both male and female roles were played by male actors.
The holdings of the Bibliotheque de Versailles (F-V) include what may well be the earliest extant source of stage directions for a tragidie en musique: a printed score in reduced format of Andre Campra's Tancrede, containing over 120 manuscript prompt notes.(1) This promptbook provides instructions for entrances, exits, movement on stage, lighting, stage effects, costume changes and several changes to the operatic score itself.(2) Given the scarcity of known promptbooks of any sort for Baroque operas, the presence of these annotations in a score rather than a libretto renders them particularly valuable.(3) As we shall see, many of the notes convey instructions that relate to the music as well as to the text.
Similarly, they both still use the out-of-date, teleological, and simply erroneous term "promptbook" instead of the far more accurate and historically validated "playbook."
Greatest insight into the production, however, can be found in Poel's promptbook, which exists today as part of the Victoria & Albert Museum's Enthoven Theatre Collection at Blythe House, London.
Annotations (JCW/TS in endnotes) record details of the staging and performance used in the 1924 Australian production, recorded in the four-volume annotated Promptbook H0006787/IRN 65666/1978.001 in the J.