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  • verb

Synonyms for promote

Synonyms for promote

to raise in rank

to help bring about

to cause to move forward or upward, as toward a goal

to make known vigorously the positive features of (a product)

to increase or seek to increase the importance or reputation of by favorable publicity

Synonyms for promote

be changed for a superior chess or checker piece

change a pawn for a better piece by advancing it to the eighth row, or change a checker piece for a more valuable piece by moving it to the row closest to your opponent

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promote the effective and efficient management of human, financial and other resources involved in the delivery of community services;
Presently, there is a lack of large-scale studies that rely on objective measures over self-reporting, which is less reliable and may fall prey to widely-held beliefs that exercise promotes sleep.
A major weakness the Middle East shares with other regions of the world is a lack of expertise and skills needed to promote greater trade.
Another thing business leaders can do to promote development is prepare for opportunities to promote growth within our industries, or even the economy at large.
As self-esteem is often associated with beneficial student outcomes, it seems appropriate to implement interventions that promote healthy self-esteem and body image.
The United States has a wide range of policies that are explicitly designed to promote global corporate responsibility.
Milne, who is a keynote speaker, writer and entrepreneur, uses her influence to consistently promote the Influential Women of Northern Ontario program, its mission and its mandate.
In this context, the pageant represented a means to promote a sense of community among Chinese Americans and between Chinese Americans and the broader American population.
NAIL offers opportunities to learn about and promote new concepts and practices.
This will promote positive and healthy participation in social, recreational and creative programs and develop youth leadership.
efforts in the ASEAN Regional Forum to shape regional views on issues such as arms control, counter-terrorism, and maritime security through seminars, workshops, and exchanges and to promote regional stability through strengthening regional institutions in which the United States participates.
Other efforts to promote this public sector-private sector partnership include writing news releases and articles for campus media about the contest.