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a person to whom a promise is made

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action or forbearance on the part of the promisee or a third person and
This Article avoids doctrinal difficulties by labeling as a "donee beneficiary" if the purpose of the promisee was to make a gift or to confer a right on a third person by contract without consideration.
promisee, or even to the promisor, whether a donative promise that
Vows, on the contrary, are not obligations to anybody; there is no "vowee" as there is a promisee .
Accordingly, promisees regularly assert claims for medical care that are
to the original promisees during the promisees' lives, then to
Permitting specific performance only when damages could not protect the expectation interest limits the ability of promisees to obtain supra-compensatory payments by threatening to seek specific relief.
tightly to stringent requirements before granting promisees the right to
damages promisees reveal their "type," while low consequential
most promisees are either risk-neutral or risk-averse, meaning they will
Even promisees can be put in a position to make the appropriate
If it did so, promisees would overinvest in reliance.
When damages are relatively paltry (a la reliance), promisees will bribe promisors to perform efficiently.
One explanation offered by advocates of the current system of remedy is that damages are fully compensatory, and a specific-performance rule might give opportunities for promisees to exploit promisors without actually furthering the goal of compensation.
It may also fail to induce efficient breach-or-perform decisions because promisors will realize that promisees with a sufficiently strong secrecy interest may not have a credible threat to sue.