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Synonyms for promiscuousness

indulging in promiscuous (casual and indiscriminate) sexual relations

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However this interaction effect was not statistically significant for guilt (F=0.16, df=1, 490, p=0.41) or promiscuousness (F=0.00, df=1, 490, p=0.95).
The women are primarily accused of bringing such a fate upon themselves by their choice of dress and mannerisms with some even inviting the tag of promiscuousness for all the woes befalling them.
He has been giving up fewer walks this past month but his stats are still saddled with his promiscuousness earlier in the season.
The singer attributed his promiscuousness to loving women.
The promiscuousness and misadventure, which run loose in our youth, are merely the result, the outcome, of deliberates attempt by the western policy makers through our rulers to enshroud this Ummah with their way of life.
promiscuousness caused physical damage to the "germ plasm"