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Synonyms for promiscuously

in an indiscriminate manner

in a licentious and promiscuous manner

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Ironically, what Putin is being accused of doing in the 2016 US elections is exactly what Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton did to several countries during her tenure, when social media and street power was promiscuously used by the Obama administration to ensure the harassment if not the defeat of those leaders who refused to obey the wishes of the Washington establishment.
He said that the competition promiscuously lacked representation from Pakistan and he wants the name of his country featured among others in the competition.
Background and Objective: Atypical chemokine receptor 1(ACKR1) represents an atypical chemokine receptor that can bind promiscuously to various chemokines.
The foreign-backed goons apparently may kill promiscuously as long as they don't target their patrons.
There is no shortage of radical food books on the publishing landscape, but Eating Promiscuously seeks to put all others to shame.
Crucial to the key role of mTECs in the screening of self-reactive T cell clones, is their unique capacity to promiscuously express and present almost all self-antigens, including thousands of tissue-specific antigen (TSA) genes.
amp;nbsp;The 'fascist' term would be thrown around promiscuously followed immediately by 'misogynist.
Unlike French, as puritan in regard to adoption as are the Japanese in regard to immigration, English has always promiscuously embraced anything that washes up on its shores.
At moments, these two could almost be Jamie's sisters, because Mills writes the kind of entertaining but promiscuously clever repartee that makes everyone seem a little too glibly like "family.
The works also have an unmistakable sense of energy and propulsion: The calligraphic scribbles and swirls of gouache promiscuously overlap and mirror one another as if in a pas de deux.
He wrote in Hanjan on 8-2-1935, "Village tanks are promiscuously used for bathing, washing clothes and drinking and cooking purposes.
Coleridge gets a shock in Abergele: "Walking on the sea sands I was surprised to see a number of fine women bathing promiscuously with men and boys, perfectly naked
Whether adolescents are using drugs to get high or behaving promiscuously to get attention, overindulgence is never good.
Whether adolescents are overeating or denying themselves food, or using drugs to get high, or behaving promiscuously to get attention, overindulgence is never good.
Sanders, 73, does not smile promiscuously, as befits someone who thinks the republic is being ruined by the government's parsimony regarding social programs, its obsequiousness toward Wall Street, and its tolerance of billionaires influencing electoral politics.