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Synonyms for promiscuous

Synonyms for promiscuous

not selective of a single class or person

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casual and unrestrained in sexual behavior

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Though the survey labels Welsh people as the most promiscuous sexually, Ms Williams questions the term promiscuous.
The more important reason for the small number of male plaintiffs was due, as Waddams points out, to the fact that it was scarcely considered an insult to say a man was promiscuous.
Whatever, the architecture site has a quite promiscuous collection of links to sites ranging from a multimedia guide to Amiens cathedral through Anand Bhatt, Architect (repository of architectural ideas, with reference to Le Corbusier, South Asian urban artefacts, post structuralist theory), to The Virtual Study Tour: In Memory of Architecture.
There's promiscuous Lily whose five children given up for adoption finally catch up with her, and academic Harriet, whose poet husband is killed by a flying pig.
Despite the book's title, Gunning spends very little time dealing with representations of rape and lynching but focuses instead on the literary reinforcement of, or alternatives to, the stereotypes (black male brute, helpless white female victim, promiscuous black female, white male avenger) that commonly supported white mob violence against African Americans.
It is difficult to convert promiscuous users into main users says Verdict
The patent is directed towards cells comprising promiscuous G-proteins such as G alpha 15, and methods for their use in drug screening.
Singer (1904-91), it must be admitted, is an elusive subject, and Hadda has been forced to sift through piles of hearsay (just whom did the notoriously promiscuous Singer sleep with?
Certainly ignorance, prejudice, and repetitive stress syndrome (the stereotyping of welfare recipients as lazy, over-weight, promiscuous, black female leeches) all contribute to the welfare backlash.
With extensions as promiscuous as the Eiffel Tower, she could be impressive or - when the hip appeared to retract into the torso and the raised leg's attachment to the body seemed unnatural - grotesque.
Pests such as termites and cockroaches are particularly promiscuous.
com)-- The author of the newly acclaimed "The Promiscuous Puppeteer," Walter B.
Washington, June 4 ( ANI ): College-aged women have negative opinions about sexually promiscuous female peers and consider them as unsuitable for friendship, a new study has suggested.
Research for the Royal Society found the fingers of Neanderthals and early humans showed they were more promiscuous than us.
Who doesn't know the words to Promiscuous or Maneater?