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a deck at the top of a passenger ship

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In Baltic the library and smoking room (and on Adriatic, the lounge) were located on promenade decks two above the dining saloon.
28) In Great Britain, however, the second "promenade saloon" located on the deck above the dining saloon, offered an informal meeting space for all saloon passengers in the form of an inboard promenade deck.
It had bedrooms, a grand staircase and lounge, a dining room which could seat 60 people, a smoking room to seat 20, and promenade decks with amazing views.
Above are the living, dining and sleeping areas conceived as generous promenade decks from which to survey the surroundings.
The ship's layout is easy to navigate--the lion's share of indoor public rooms are situated on Promenade and Lower Promenade decks.
The boat has been designed with steam ships of old in mind and has magnificent promenade decks, paddlewheels and lavish Victorian decor.
A traditional cruise ship complete with enclosed promenade decks and larger cabins built for trans-oceanic passage, the Sun will undergo a multi-million dollar refurbishment and be renamed before entering service in the spring of 1998.
Navigation, Rotterdam, Upper Verandah, Verandah, and Upper Promenade decks contain the lion's share of accommodations.
With her teak promenade decks, grand public rooms and spacious staterooms, she is one of the finest ocean liners ever built.
Promenade decks, open and enclosed, are out of favor on most ships; as they are often seen as non-revenue-producing space, they are banned altogether by naval architects.
Among the features of interest to passengers are the Electric Elevators, the Professional Orchestras, the Deck Swimming Pools, the Photographic Dark Rooms, the commodious Lounges, Reading Rooms, Dining Saloons, Smoke Rooms and Recreation Rooms and spacious Promenade Decks.
The International and Promenade decks also offer such areas as library, card room, shops, and other specialized areas normally found aboard a modern cruise liner.
No loudspeakers, but three promenade decks and a quiet atmosphere that promoted, "This is your ship; let us know if you need anything.
On the other hand, the Patriot is a good example of a transition ship offering traditional broad open promenade decks furnished with varnished-wood deck chairs, a handsome ocean-liner appearance, and relatively modern 1980s-style accommodations and layout.
Just like her predecessors, the Zuiderdam offers a popular teak walk-around promenade, low in the ship on (appropriately enough) Promenade Deck.