promenade deck

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a deck at the top of a passenger ship

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A man strolls along the promenade deck with her father, little knowing that she would soon become an orphan.
28) In Great Britain, however, the second "promenade saloon" located on the deck above the dining saloon, offered an informal meeting space for all saloon passengers in the form of an inboard promenade deck.
com) provides 16,000 square feet of meeting room space including the Promenade Deck.
He described his gourmet lunch of soup, fillet of plaice and a lamb chop, and his stroll along the promenade deck later.
The flat roof is fully accessible and becomes a giant promenade deck or treetop walk, offering views of the peninsula and reservoir.
Instead of battling to get to a show in London's West End, you simply finish dinner in one of Aurora's umpteen restaurants and stroll to the theatre on the Promenade Deck.
Nor does this promenade deck go all the way around the ship; exercise walkers have to pass through the interior.
There are still only a handful of shops on board, the cricket bats signed by Don Bradman and Colin Cowdrey are still proudly on show in the Lord's Tavern bar, and a pre-breakfast stroll on the promenade deck brings cheerful smiles of greeting from early retireds sporting the latest leisure gear.
A new promenade deck will also be built while the lower quarters will become educational spaces.
God knows how many calories this constant grazer packed away in less than a week on board but regular mile-long walks around the promenade deck and occasional visits on the onboard gym did at least help to ease the guilt if not the waistline.
Five and a half days later, after black-tie dinners and afternoon tea, lectures on marine biology and strolls on the promenade deck, we would dock in Southampton, England.
As the couple said their vows on the Promenade Deck at the rear of the steamboat, the bride's parents and Mrs.
So we took our children and went to the promenade deck.
The robot descended four levels and sent back views of the grand promenade deck and a nearby room containing a large chandelier still intact 74 years after the Titanic sank.
Telkonet's system is delivering high-speed wired and wireless Internet access throughout the 365 suites and staterooms spread over 3 different decks and public areas, including the expansive promenade deck, the hotel lobby and the business center.