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a deck at the top of a passenger ship

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Located on Carnival Horizon's Promenade Deck, Bonsai Teppanyaki will offer a wide-ranging menu with authentic delicacies from the Far East prepared by highly skilled chefs who will create tantalizing dishes on custom-built stations that form the center of the venue's two eight-seat tables.
Our new home boasted 13 places to eat, nine entertainment arenas, several shops, four pools, a spa, library, theatre, promenade deck, a kids club, a cinema.
So they cut it down to just 20 lifeboats,in order that the first-class promenade deck would have a nice clear view.
The Portuguese-registered Azores, a 550-berth ocean liner, boasts some classic features missing from modern ships, such as a walk-around promenade deck.
Stroll beside the sea on the promenade deck, browse the library with its 6,000 books to choose from, take a dip in the pool or play croquet on the lawn of the games deck.
The Nantucket wooden chair was on the first class promenade deck when the luxury liner sank in the Atlantic after hitting an iceberg on its maiden voyage in 1912.
Best of all was the wonderful Red Frog pub, with a nightly trio of stunning acoustic guitarists, and doors that opened onto a vast promenade deck that allowed the party to spill out under a blanket of brilliant Caribbean stars.
Olsen's most modern ship, Braemar, is the promenade deck - a complete wrap-around deck ideal for a gentle stroll in the evening sun, making it an excellent choice for warmer cruising.
A typical morning's programme would begin at the aerobics studio followed by a power walk on the promenade deck.
Only the dedicated worked it off in the gym, the pool or five times round the promenade deck to each mile.
The Taste Bar on Carnival Miracle is located in the spot previously occupied by the sushi bar on the Promenade Deck.
Located on Promenade Deck, Bonsai Sushi will offer sushi, sashimi and rolls along with bento boxes and an interpretation of a sushi boatNa Osushi shipONwith prices ranging in price from $1 for appetizer-sized portions to $15 for a Osushi shipO for two.
They paint a remarkable picture of life at sea, with families strolling along the promenade deck, blissfully unaware that they would be split asunder by the sinking of the ship at 2.
The promenade deck has also rolled off but the stern remains relatively intact.
28) In Great Britain, however, the second "promenade saloon" located on the deck above the dining saloon, offered an informal meeting space for all saloon passengers in the form of an inboard promenade deck.