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Synonyms for proliferation

Synonyms for proliferation

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growth by the rapid multiplication of parts

a rapid increase in number (especially a rapid increase in the number of deadly weapons)

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and the world from nuclear proliferation, the NRC should systematically and thoroughly assess the proliferation risks of any new uranium enrichment technology BEFORE issuing a license allowing their development.
Let us be worthy of the historic opportunity that we have to restrict the proliferation of nuclear weapons until their total elimination," the Bulgarian Foreign Minister concluded.
However, cell proliferation was significantly decreased or blocked as hydrogen peroxide increases.
The PSI Principles also recognize the value in cooperative action and encourage participating countries to work together to apply intelligence, [diplomacy], law enforcement, military, and other capabilities to prevent WMD-related transfers to states and non-state actors of proliferation concern.
Proliferation was measured by UV/VIS spectrometer as a wavelength of 570nm.
Many social and political challenges are involved in combating proliferation of weapons, from analyzing intelligence data for accuracy to understanding how technology transfers and how security policies are directed and implemented.
The recent advent of the Global War on Terror, coupled with the proliferation and potential use of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) by terrorist organizations and/or "rogue" nations, presents perhaps the greatest threat to mankind in the modern post-Cold War era.
We thought p16 was an unequivocal good guy, but this protein can also shut down the proliferation of good cells.
Ventricular hypertrophy is a process involving cardiac myocyte hypertrophy and cardiac fibroblast proliferation that results in a structural rearrangement of ventricular chamber and wall components.
The fragile state of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty at this moment is very worrying, as proliferation of these weapons greatly increases the likelihood of terrorist acquisition.
The anniversary of Hiroshima may produce yet another spike in collective anxiety and cultural reflection upon the nuclear threat: after an interval of relative complacency following the end of the Cold War, the issues of nuclear warfare and proliferation have returned to center stage in international affairs, prompted by the twin specters of global terrorism and the uncontrolled dissemination of nuclear technologies and fissile material to formerly non-nuclear states with anti-Western political ideologies (see below).
that, despite past sales of nuclear-related technology, the Chinese government now seems committed to cooperating with the United States to prevent nuclear proliferation in North Korea and elsewhere.
In the past year, reports of undisclosed uranium enrichment efforts by Iran; negotiations with Libya to end its nuclear weapons developments; and the disclosure of a nuclear proliferation network headed by Pakistan's chief nuclear scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan, have indicated a trend toward horizontal proliferation.
MRI findings of bone marrow edema, bone erosion, soft tissue change, and synovial proliferation significantly correlated with patients' pain and swelling scores and combined scores on the American College of Rheumatology (ACR) Clinical Scoring System, while joint effusion and bone proliferation did not show significant correlation.
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