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Synonyms for proliferate

Synonyms for proliferate

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grow rapidly

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cause to grow or increase rapidly

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"Until now, there didn't seem to be a way to reliably make the limited supply of human beta cells proliferate in the laboratory and remain functional.
Mobile and online channels continue to proliferate and blur in how they're delivered and how they're received.
First, as sensors proliferate around the vehicle, the data created can be used by other safety systems to prepare for, mitigate, or avoid a crash situation.
All the artworks feature punning, multiline rap/poem titles (this last work's refers to "a Basketball/In a Coons' Sculpture"); double meanings proliferate; and racially charged dual codings extend throughout.
Now the administration is staring for time, hoping that North Korea will collapse before its arms can proliferate. Hope is a dangerous substitute for policy, and it's time to negotiate with North Korea directly instead of trying to wish its nuclear programs away.
However, this is not the case in Canada where "for-profit delivery and private-public partnerships proliferate" in heath care and other social service sectors.
A reticulin stain outlines the vessels in which the endothelial cells proliferate. The vascular origin of the neoplasm is confirmed by positive factor VIII-related antigen, CD34, or CD31 immunohistochemical reactions.
'The phenomenon of work is omni-present' argue Gerhards+Glucker and they wanted to make a device that would cope with 'the world of things' that proliferate as distinctions between work, home and leisure become increasingly blurred.
As such hard disk-based units proliferate, they will drop in price, squeezing devices at the high end of the portable market--devices like the HipZip.
Since the auto-liability market was deregulated in 1994, rates, products and available sales channels have continued to vary and proliferate, the association said.
This product could kill susceptible gastrointestinal flora while allowing tetracycline-resistant flora such as MR-DT104 to survive and proliferate. Once MR-DT104 proliferates on a farm, dissemination to other farms in the region is facilitated, particularly if the other farms are using an antimicrobial agent to which MR-DT104 is resistant.
"They may have a higher requirement for the carotenoids in fruits and vegetables," says Zhang, because their cells may proliferate more rapidly and carotenoids may inhibit cell proliferation.
Today, they are an additional source of revenue for state governments, though certainly not as lucrative as the gaming and gambling schemes that now proliferate in the body politic.
Washington, August 10 (ANI): A new study has shed light on why adult human cardiac cells lose their ability to proliferate, perhaps explaining why our heart have little regenerative capacity.
In the five large pieces that make up "Untitled (Suicide)," 2003, for example, a tall, thin figure on a beach is progressively pulverized by a hail of bullets from guns wielded by a multiply refracted legion of hands (his own?) that gradually proliferate from work to work.