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Synonyms for proletariat

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Furthermore, and in the same chapter, Morgan shows that Social Realism was liberal, leftist, proletariat, and Marxist in its ideological orientation, if not goals.
Gilje argues that American sailors between 1750 and 1850 were not "a proletariat ready to assert class consciousness" nor were they "a group of would-be embattled patriots responsible for founding a nation" (xiii).
But members of the proletariat who visit (after paying an entrance fee) will be forbidden from picking the plants.
Rapid population growth has created a vast underemployed proletariat of angry young men who have no chance whatever for what might be thought of as an ordinary family life.
But, fear not, it's not just a dry examination of the past - as with In our Time, Bragg is joined by professional actors to bring the past to life, and here Jack Shepherd and Matthew Taylor join him to look at the lives of the dispossessed proletariat after the Industrial Revolution swept away traditional cloth manufacturing.
Based on the eponymous 1968 poem by the late Al Purdy, At the Quinte Hotel concerns a proletariat barfly--played by The Tragically Hip's frontman, Gordon Downie--who waxes poetic about the transcendental qualities of beer.
Despite the abuse inflicted upon the musical proletariat, the Cuban-born diva's refreshingly distinctive solo debut demonstrates, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that one must return to the roots in order to conceptualize any valuable and effective alternatives.
3) The "knowledge proletariat" as a revolutionary force.
He interfered with third-placed Proletariat and will miss the opening day of the Tralee festival as well as a meeting at Downpatrick.
Instead, reality revealed that rhetoric to be a disguise for a very different plan: The desire of a privileged few, the so-called "vanguard of the proletariat," to impose absolute power on the majority.
Do you believe in the "historical mission of the proletariat" and "the inevitable triumph of socialism"?
"Marx, champion of the proletariat, knew only one proletarian in his life, his maid, Lenchen, to whom he paid not a single penny in wages.
It is true that in advanced capitalist societies the proletariat has shrunk in size and significance; but the proletariat, in the sense of waged industrial manual workers, is not quite the same thing as the working class.
Engels went in for horseback riding and fox hunting because it would prepare him for his role as the proletariat's man on horseback, while even in the deepest poverty Marx retained a personal secretary and insisted on piano lessons for the children.
Its advance under capitalism now guarantees the victory of the proletariat in its class struggle.