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Synonyms for proletarian

Synonyms for proletarian

a member of the working class (not necessarily employed)

belonging to or characteristic of the proletariat

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He was born in Riga -- the city to which he dedicated his most significant work with the series The Proletarian Districts of Riga (1970-1980) -- which includes approximately 7,500 negatives and hundreds of printed photographs.
It was therefore very delightful to see the proletarian culture out on the streets of Newcastle.
While the two main women characters of the stories embody the typical characteristics of the most iconic figures of modern femininity--the New Woman and the Modern Girl--in the second story we encounter a fleeting image of the proletarian woman as an alternative to both.
Turning their cameras toward overlooked logics of the commonplace, worker-photographers expanded the theater of proletarian struggle beyond the economic analytics of the party into the sites of everyday existence, defining the working class at the level of habitus and lived ideology.
Inside, there are cleverly ``stressed'' ceilings and wall areas to give it a touch of proletarian earthiness.
A Curious Fragment," for example, is built around the discovery of a 28th-century worker-slave's severed arm, still clutching a proletarian petition.
The globalization of capital means proletarian politics must be international, with struggles in the imperial centres, Third World, and bureaucratic states coordinated by a democratic international centre independent of any putative socialist motherland.
The original proletarian course of the Soviet Communist Party had been reversed by a privileged, conservative bureaucracy, which led to Joseph Stalin's tyrannical reign.
For Shearer heavy metal is not only a product of the music/culture industry but also a proletarian folk art.
His subsequent discussion of Claude McKay's 1922-23 pilgrimage to the Soviet Union makes a persuasive case for the role McKay played in helping to shape the position of the Comintern on the "Negro Question"; and his discussion of Mike Gold's critical pronouncements, and literary works, revisits the question--central to Harold Cruse's argument--of Jewish/Communist "control" of African American cultural production via the "discipline" of proletarian literature during the 1930s.
She never lamented the strain of working 12-hour days, and was proud to call herself "a proletarian defender of Capitalism.
This is the first volume in an incomplete series by Dobbs (the National Secretary of the Socialist Workers Party from 1953 to 1972) that had been planned to historically trace the efforts of revolutionary Marxists in the United States to develop "the cadres of a proletarian revolutionary party needed to lead the fight to end capitalist rule, establish a workers' and farmers' government, and open the road to a socialist order" from its beginning roots in European Marxism through to the 1960s.
They also worried that Westerns, gang ster movies, and films such as The Wild One undermined efforts to reconstruct, especially, proletarian masculinity as less aggressive, more self-controlled than under the Nazis.
Home to Harlem anticipates the appeal to Haiti's revolutionary past in 1930s proletarian fiction as well as in C.
Instead, 1984's most memorable symbol of the all-pervasive state, the omnipresent telescreen, becomes an instrument of proletarian revival in Huber's hands.