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a preliminary discussion inserted at the beginning of a book or treatise

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The manuscript is not complete and contains only the prolegomenon and the first five books of the 14-part composition, also known as Ha-Yad Ha-Hazaka (the Strong Hand).
Until he wrote "Specific Objects" in 1964, Judd produced nothing like a Progression or a Stack; published in Arts Yearbook the following year, the text, perhaps together with his essay on Barnett Newman (also written in 1964; published in Studio International, February 1970), now reads like a prolegomenon to Judd's proper career.
This paper is a prolegomenon, suggesting the lines of inquiry I think might be profitable in such an assessment and surveying some of the likely literature-highpoints.
The author grounds his position in a usefully constructed epistemological and methodological prolegomenon, in which he draws on the work of C.
Crewe's essay serves as a prolegomenon that would resituate the issue of punctuating Shakespeare's texts; Ungerer provides a documentary record of historical evidence concerning Moll Frith and comments on contradictions between this record and her fictional personae; and Cefalu examines Captain John Smith's Virginia narratives and The Tempest as early modern "colonialist" texts that are primarily concerned with economic relationships among the European colonists themselves.
From there, Gooding-Williams goes on to offer his own reading of "The Conservation of Races" as a "sort of philosophical prolegomenon to The Souls of Black Folk.
Russell also mentions in the preface that he has plans to expand this prolegomenon into a detailed multivolume study of heaven.
Much in this "commonplace" book offers comfort and value; however, it needs to be taken as a prolegomenon or supplement to a more rigorous program of reflection.
There is not a lot that is new, after the Feldman Prolegomenon of 1971, and the Sources Chretiennes edition and commentary of 1976, but Professor Jacobson gathers up much of the material written since, evaluates it, and places it in context.
Ultimately Skinner's book seems to me to serve as a prolegomenon to the larger study that Smollett needs, something that he ruefully acknowledges in the last pages.
While I am happy to accept Hiatt's justification for such lacunae ('every essay has the [unrealisable] potential to become a prolegomenon to the history of the universe' - p.
Yet Fetzer's reluctance to identify more clearly what he takes to be the central problem of the novel means that his critical survey, whilst certainly useful as a prolegomenon to further research of the acute and penetrating kind which he praises, fails to set up a bulwark against any future slipshod research of the kind which, justifiably, he also condemns.
One might cite here, as a kind of prolegomenon, Whitehead's most fundamental dictum: "Beware of dead ideas.
The present study is really a prolegomenon to the series of more specialized and intensive studies of individual works which Martin has promised.
He does not formulate partial theories of special relativity, but by explaining Minkowski spacetime, provides a prolegomenon to the comprehension of partial theories of special relativity such as the mechanics of point particles, or of continua, electrodynamic, thermodynamic, and so on.