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a unicellular organism having cells lacking membrane-bound nuclei


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Although generally believed to be restricted to prokaryotes, specifically the gram-negative eubacteria and the cyanobacteria (2), an LPS-like molecule has recently been reported from a eukaryote, the green alga Chlorella sp.
Roary: rapid large-scale prokaryote pan genome analysis.
High lytic infection rates but low abundances of prokaryote viruses in a humic lake (Vassiviere, Massif Central, France).
10) The RNA dependent regulation of the fused prokaryotes was responsible not only for the amalgamation of function and form but also gave the new eukaryote the ability to express more than one phenotype from a wider choice of genetic information.
Although synergistic and mutualistic relationships between the different groups of prokaryote and eukaryote microorganisms are beneficent to the animal and the microbial community, there is a delicate equilibrium between the individual populations that make up the community.
Application of the novel nucleic acid dyes YOYO-1, YO-PRO-1 and picogreen for flow cytometric analysis of marine prokaryotes.
Process for activation of recombinant protein produced by prokaryotes.
At present, however, we have only fragmentary knowledge even for the best-characterized model prokaryote E.
The isoprenoidal clade prokaryotes develop into other groups of prokaryotes via viroidal/virus as well as eukaryotic horizontal gene transfer producing bacterial speciation [25-27].
The continued use of antibiotics, rationally or irrationally, increased drug/bacterium interaction and stimulated the prokaryote genetic versatility to generate 'super bugs' that could withstand the available armamentarium.
The very name prokaryote implies that the microbes are precursors to eukaryotes--organisms that do wrap their genetic material in a nucleus and do have the organelles.
photosynthetic prokaryote first described growing in association with
The human gut is populated with the prokaryote Escherceria coli, which is necessary for people to properly digest their food.