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any personality test designed to yield information about someone's personality on the basis of their unrestricted response to ambiguous objects or situations

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The hedonic risk in advertising theme has been captured through projective technique. Images of activities involving adventure, challenge, and inner satisfaction were shown and the respondents were asked to name one non-cola brand that they associate with the shown images.
Skinner and the Auditory Inkblot: the rise and fall of the Verbal Summator as a projective technique. Hist Psychol.
The reality that the response is not interceded by language suggests that the technique may be less subject to cultural and age restrictions than many other projective techniques. It can be administered alone or in group settings in a short period of time (Machover, 1947).
A projective technique was utilized in this study to limit the potential effects of social desirability biases.
Projective techniques have traditionally been associated with psychological evaluation, and recent studies have been published using such techniques with abused children (Allen & Tussey, 2012) to study attachment (Stronach et al., 2011), emotional response (Becker, Rubly, El Kahtib, Becker, & von Gontard (2011), and other social and psychological variables (Annunziata, Givannini, & Muzzatti, 2012).
To facilitate moral and social enhancement, the use of a projective technique, such as Adlerian sand tray, may help to remove the filters commonly used in verbal dialogue.
In this sense, this study aimed to contribute some reflections on the process of occupational choice, based on stories created by clients from the stimuli provided by the projective technique of clarification of professional inclination--BBT.
Although the rosebush fantasy has previously been used as a projective technique, the authors submit the technique for use as a subjective art activity that allows the counselor to understand the child's phenomenological world.
Other authors point out that handwriting is an expressive movement and may be considered a projective technique neither better nor worse than other projective techniques such as the Rorschach ink blot test (Crumbaugh & Stockholm, 1977).
Early recollections as a projective technique. Journal of Projective Techniques, 22(3), 302-311.
In particular, we used a projective technique rather than a direct survey to investigate the motivational and semiotic (meaning) aspects of self-gifts more deeply.
Rorschach is the most widely used projective technique for personality assessment (Piotrowski, Sherry, & Keller, 1985).
Even the Rorshach Inkblot Test, a projective technique, has been found to be culturally biased (Kaplan, Rickers-Ovsiankina, & Joseph, 1956).
Stimuli were selected on the criteria of their capacity to generate responses in more number of scoring categories and varied range of responses, hence the modified version of hand test would measure cultural input in addition to retaining its projective character "no single test can be entirely culture free and its results are based on norms of that population which are prone to favour its habitants." Kline in 1986 persuaded that new projective techniques should have specific percept which means that stimulus should measure specific aspects of personality rather than general and should measure some defence mechanisms and they should be relatively unstructured.