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a reformer who opposes the use of intoxicating beverages

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It is the devastating consequences of prohibitionist and punitive drug policies that motivated the heads of state of Mexico, Guatemala and Colombia to call for the first Ungass on the world drug problem in almost two decades, which started in New York April 19 and will end today.
The complete ivory ban strategy relies on the same prohibitionist thinking, without considering the alternative of regulated use and taxation accompanied by consumer education to lower demand, a strategy which has shown success in reducing tobacco use.
Hard drug are illegal but drug abusers are not as harshly prosecuted as they are in prohibitionist countries.
The birth prohibitionists fixate on reports of a gazillion or so migrants each year scheduling U.
THE Welsh Liberal Democrats yesterday adopted a motion describing Britain's prohibitionist approach to drugs as "unworkable and immoral".
Those who would follow in American footsteps buy into prohibitionist assumptions that alcohol drinking is inherently dangerous, almost always results in problem behaviour, and should be delayed as long as possible.
No common view emerged on how to co-operate internationally: some felt the United Nations framework should be stressed more, while others argued the UN should rethink its prohibitionist approach to drugs.
defines as a prohibitionist or a religious hypocrite, Sinclair is soon
The tragic global consequences of prohibitionist policies are graphically depicted in two recent, related films called Traffic, which focus on four countries on four continents: the United States, Mexico, England, and Afghanistan.
However, 73 percent voted on a prohibitionist initiative, which went down to defeat.
Grafftey-Smith was an accomplished diplomat, but also a poet, intellectual, lover of fine food and wine (sometimes in prohibitionist surroundings) and a phenomenal linguist as well.
Gates' father bought the land from Henry Clay Needham, recalled best by local historians as a prohibitionist who established an Old Templars Hall now preserved in Newhall, to establish the cemetery.
Moreover, Summers shows how third-party challengers, especially the Prohibitionists and the Greenbackers, bedeviled the calculations of the major party leaders, even driving some Republicans to try to bribe Prohibitionist John St.
We are taking what is a health issue and a personal relaxation and enjoyment issue, and we are criminalizing it with a pervasive, far-reaching, insidious, prohibitionist regime.
It isn't terribly helpful for the prohibitionist lobby to stare facts in the face and then ignore them.