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the period from 1920 to 1933 when the sale of alcoholic beverages was prohibited in the United States by a constitutional amendment

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The beer did fall out of favor during the prohibition era when alcohol was banned from the country.
Speakeasies, blind pigs or blind tigers as they were known, originated in the states during the prohibition era between 1920 and 1933 when alcohol was made illegal.
Mr Mitchell, former assistant venue manager at the Black Swan Bar and Venue in Newcastle, said he has long been inspired by the prohibition era of the 1920s, which has soared in popularity recently through TV shows including Peaky Blinders and Boardwalk Empire, and has been busy fitting out the sizeable unit to evoke those times.
They were "onstage outlaws" during the Prohibition Era.
The play centering on the Cotton Club - a nightclub famous for featuring top African-American performers during the Prohibition era - has only one non-white cast member, the New York Daily News reported.
The bar will offer a range of cocktails, including molecular and vacuum boiling techniques and prohibition era mixes, in keeping with the outlet's art-deco theme.
After all, how can you convince the jet-setting gentleman with the tall glass of Bee's Knees that the honey in his drink is a fall-back on the 1919-1933 prohibition era, when the sweet-tasting juice was meant to mask the putrid flavour of illegal liquor?
With all the right ingredients to pay homage to the Prohibition Era when corn whiskey was a favourite 'moonshine' product, Bootlegger (PS36.
When I announced to my friends I was throwing a prohibition era party for my 30th birthday there wasn''t a single protestation from the females.
This history of the Houston Police Department from early 19th century to the present chronicles the controversies, colorful characters, and fallen heroes of the Houston Police Department, from touching on issues such as the role of unions, to challenges of the Prohibition Era, interactions with minority communities, and gays and Hispanics in the department.
Set in Virginia, it's a gritty Prohibition era thriller.
The Prohibition era, the 1920's, Atlantic City, all of that, there's so many stories to tell and I hope I get the opportunity to tell them," he said.
Obviously, no lessons have been learned from the Prohibition era in 1920s America and the rise of organised crime.
He once served the notorious Al Capone during the prohibition era, when liquor was banned in America but legal in Canada and on another occasion he served Mary Pickford, a famous silent movie actress of the time.
The right to transport homemade beer and wine was long taken for granted in Oregon - until last year, when the state Department of Justice determined that state law, dating to the Prohibition era, barred the consumption outside the home of homemade alcoholic beverages.