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Synonyms for progressiveness

advancement toward better conditions or policies or methods

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Ennahda has said it will insist on a strong female presence in government -- which is more than, say, that supposed bastion of Arab progressiveness, Lebanon.
Saeed Al-Eter, Director of Media Communication at the Government Communications Office in the Ministry of Cabinet Affaires said, "The objective of this contest is to encourage students to design a nation brand that reflects the modernism, dynamism, vibrancy and progressiveness of the UAE.
Speaking about the new concession in House Of Fraser, Ian said, "I am delighted to celebrate the launch of our new range and House of Fraser is the perfect platform for this, understanding both tradition and progressiveness which matches our design outlook cementing a great partnership.
Managing Director of Audi India, Benoit Tiers, said, "Audi Ahmedabad will be the first showroom for our customers in the state of Gujarat where they can see and feel the Audi exclusivity, sophistication and progressiveness.
Retirement poetry is celebrated for its distinctiveness as well as its progressiveness in anticipating and shaping a major literary trend.
Kazuji Nagasu on what progressiveness is, when he was told, ''It's foresight, and the passion and power to realize it.
As in 2002, when Clinton made his first appearance at the Labour Party's annual conference, the former president added his weight to the international policies of the British government, stating it was no coincidence that Blair's progressiveness at home had produced dramatic effects abroad.
One cover from 1959 uses the portrait of Oscar Niemeyer to celebrate Brazil's urbanistic progressiveness, while another from 1953 shows a portrait of a South American Indian adorned with a short text: YOU CAN NOW MOTOR THROUGH HIS COUNTRY ON THE PAN AMERICAN HIGHWAY.
Not so long ago it was the bandwagon which was overcrowded with DJs desperately clambering on to proclaim their progressiveness.
Broadway reopens and to celebrate the dramatic step into downtown progressiveness, Eugene Mayor Jim Torrey drives the lead covered wagon.
Appendix IV contains the tables of recommended operational design features in terms of progressiveness and extent of current application, relevance to education levels, and uniqueness.
The achievements, progressiveness and vibrancy of the organisation stem from the commitment of those women who are its members past and present,' the Queen wrote in a foreword to the order of service.
The "Digie" Awards were based on Web site design, content, progressiveness, technological performance and search engine results.
Thus, some view it as a thinly veiled effort to assuage white guilt in the name of progress and believe that the practice limits the number of black-authored plays produced by white theaters, whose display of progressiveness favors the casting of people of color in the same Euro-American canon that has traditionally been their programming staple.
The local has exhibited real progressiveness in that every member is a worker, and there are no union bureaucrats who sit around the office all day waiting for the phone to ring.