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reach a goal, e.g., "make the first team"

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Progress Partner Collaboration Award - VantagePoint Systems - Given to a partner that identified and responded to changes in its vertical market, this award goes to VantagePoint Systems for working with Progress to create a business continuity strategy that would fit the unique needs of packaging manufacturers.
This distinction is particularly gratifying because it recognizes the scope of our channel program, which allows Progress to provide cost-effective technologies and support that allow our 2,000 APs to provide their customers with best-fit solutions, while leveraging emerging technologies and trends such as RFID, application integration, and service oriented architecture.
Partner Collaboration Award - QAD - A leading provider of enterprise applications for global manufacturers, QAD has consistently demonstrated the true power of collaboration by working with Progress to address the latest industry challenges, such as RFID and SOA.
This designation also lets our customers know that we have a great relationship with our technology provider and continuously collaborate with Progress to anticipate our customers' needs, keeping them ahead of market trends and delivering measurable return on investment.
The breadth and depth of the channel program allows Progress to provide a rich offering tailored to the specific needs of each of its Application Partners (APs).