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Among computer coders, "hacker" is just a term for another, generally good, programmer.
It will be a boon for some retired people," he added, or an embarrassment to find the programmer you fired years ago and hire them back to fix what they had written.
The combination of Impulse C and the XEM modules represents a breakthrough in providing software programmers with access to FPGA acceleration.
99, coming complete with Microchip's 44-pin PIC16F917 Flash microcontroller demo board, and including the programmer, USB cable and CDs.
The InterStim iCon Patient Programmer offers many new features to improve patient management for physicians and provide greater therapy control for patients.
Programmers building applications for an international audience can now use Komodo to enter localized code comments, error messages, and strings.
Without effective development tools, programmers have been unable to harness the full potential of the versatile JavaScript language," remarks Rudy Ho, Business Development Manager of DHI Technologies.
Smart Flash Programmer is very easy for our customers to use," said Ramesh Ramchandani, senior vice president of marketing at ZiLOG.
Established in 1985, BP Microsystems is a global supplier of electronic device programmers for all applications.
DREAMING IN CODE: TWO Dozen Programmers, Three Years, 4,732 Bugs, and One quest for Transcendent Software
To do so, the computer maker has deployed its loyal base of users and programmers to create software that will drive up the demand for the company's machines.
GLENDALE - The Verdugo Private Industry Council and the Glendale office of the state Employment Development Department have launched a project to help alleviate a shortage of computer programmers in the area.
Nosek supports three claims: programmers working in pairs write better code, write code faster, and are more satisfied with their code than programmers working in isolation.
Once again, the computer programmers who had written the software used for tracking prescriptions and managing a pharmacy had failed to anticipate a real-life possibility -- in this case, that a customer could have been born before the year 1900.
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