program trading

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a trading technique involving large blocks of stock with trades triggered by computer programs

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Overall, an increase in program trading is associated with lower cancellation latency in support of Hypothesis 5.
This paper intends to apply stochastic dominance method to test the efficiency of program trading rules.
1 The NYSE calculates program trading as the sum of shares bought, sold and sold short in program trades.
The idea is to avoid providing numbers that will just prompt program trading. Sales figures only tell part of the story anyway, said Haverty.
SCTVF International TV & Film Program Market has developed into one of the most famous and important markets for international TV program trading in Asia, and a primary channel for importing and exporting Chinese TV productions.
Peter Lewis, global head of program trading at investment bank SG Securities welcomed the move: "The OM bid is not a merger and sees that London can survive perfectly well on its own as the dominant market in Europe.
The subcommittee also has requested comment on Rule 80A of the New York Stock Exchange, which limits certain types of program trading when the Dow Jones Industrial Average moves more than 50 points in a day.
Program trading constitutes a substantial fraction of the trading activity in the New York Stock Exchange.
Program trading was also ranked of high concern by 72 percent of the respondents, followed by leveraged buyouts 69 percent), junk boards (63 percetn), and volatility of the securities markets (62 percent).
Program trading gained a bad name after the 1987 stock market crash.
Sometimes reportage requires black hats, and one of the '87 villains that will be trotted out for public inspection and disapprobation will be something called "program trading."
But asked in July if futures and program trading warranted the subcommittee's attention, Charles Cox, then acting chair of the Securities and Exchange Commission, condescendingly noted this is "certainly an educational issue," not a regulatory matter.
Occasionally, warnings are heard in the newsabout stock index futures and their relationship to computerized "program trading," usually when the stock market's euphoria is interrupted by a brief plunge, like the 116-point dive it took in 71 minutes on January 23.
The company provides algorithmic and program trading; domestic and global equity execution; and options execution and strategy provision services.
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