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a trading technique involving large blocks of stock with trades triggered by computer programs

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Louise Hertzog, 54, program trader, and a resident of Jeffersonville, Pennsylvania.
But me-too program traders in the options market did execute several orders based on the bad futures market data.
Some analysts said program traders could have been buying back futures with the euro above 112 yen in the afternoon, compared with a low of 111.
Program traders were the early electronic whiz kids until critics pinned the blame on them for the 1987 crash and market circuit breakers limited their influence.
Because unwittingly they are pandering to program traders and they're creating a playing field that is absolutely impossible for fundamental investors.
We are disuniting into a society of program traders, Think Pads, and the Internet at one extreme--and crack, Uzis, and three-strikes-you're-out on the other.
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