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musical compositions intended to evoke images or remind the listener of events

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Their debate reflected the ideologies of the New German School and program music, with Richard Wagner and Franz Liszt at the center.
Apparently writing whenever he could to support his family, Leopold Mozart indulged himself often in the then-emerging popular style of "program music." Such music was not always considered by proper Vienna musical circles to be of the highest calibre, but its simplicity appealed to the masses, and Mozart found much favor with it.
(contains samples of program music, "Gangsta's Paradise," and The Baptism)
Where ambient techno is melodious (sometimes recalling program music or the naivete of a child's music box), isolationism favors musique concrete, dissonance, and microtonality; where ambient's sequencer bass patterns reassure, isolationism's loops tend to be unresolved, creating suspense; in place of ambient's halcyon reverb, isolationism uses an echo that is cavernous and metallic.
As a staunch guardian of absolute music, Hanslick's relatively mild opinion on Dvorak's program music is noteworthy.
He considers the rise of romanticism, the opera industry, popular music criticism, concert culture and "the great symphony", program music and the character-piece, musical life in late the 19th-century United States, and the emergence of romanticism.
Learn to program music for special listeners, gain confidence speaking to audiences and share the healing gift of music.
Program Music therapy group for female veterans in Massachusetts who have experienced MST.
Sonic transformations of literary texts; from program music to musical ekphrasis; nine essays.
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