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Jim Hansen, senior product manager for the company, said, "Thousands of products from the Retrofit Program line are in use across the United States.
By exchanging ideas and information between these different industrial segments, optimal solutions and new market opportunities can be created," says Jo De Boeck, responsible for the wireless autonomous transducer solutions program line in the Holst Centre and CEO of IMEC-Nederland.
Sports is an integral part of RCN's exciting and entertaining program line up so we are very pleased to continue bringing the YES Network's programming to our subscribers.
1, 2004 - includes the option to expand services into American Healthways' entire care enhancement program line.
Established in 1995, IBI is a national, nonprofit organization dedicated to providing objective research across traditional benefits program lines, an integrated health & productivity educational forum and benefits measurement and benchmarking tools to monitor benefits down and across programs and up to business impacts.
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