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someone who makes predictions of the future (usually on the basis of special knowledge)

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Clouds can say a lot about the weather, and weather prognosticators have relied on clouds for centuries to help make their predictions.
The product is also a clinically useful prognosticator of thyroid cancer, which has shown that the presence of these oncogenic mutations is highly associated with malignancy with an 86% post-test probability of thyroid cancer.
A final section on connections with other fields looks at Fibonacci numbers, algebraic models of physiological cycles in matrix genetics, and connections between genetic matrices and the ancient Chinese prognosticator the I Ching.
"Anemia is associated with an increased risk of mortality in both systolic and diastolic CHF." Anemia as a useful prognosticator and therapeutic strategies aimed to increase hemoglobin levels in CHF should be investigated."
The freezing rain could turn to just rain by this evening, or continue through Saturday morning, depending on which prognosticator you choose to believe.
So says Peter Schiff, president and chief prognosticator of Euro Pacific Capital and just about the only person to accurately forecast the financial mess in which we now find ourselves.
Low serum testosterone level has emerged as a reliable prognosticator of metabolic syndrome in men whose testosterone deficiency is genetic (Klinefelter syndrome), iatrogenic following surgery for testicular cancer, pharmacologically induced by gonadotropin-releasing hormone during prostate cancer treatment, or a natural consequence of aging.
Another prognosticator at the 16th annual event was Robert Smiley, professor at the UC Davis Graduate School of Management.
"Responding to this need, Radar Logic Research combines the leading data analytics engine in the marketplace with the deep expertise of Jonathan Miller--the nation's most respected real estate appraiser and market prognosticator."
Playing the role of political prognosticator, Falwell assured his audience that the Republicans will keep control of the House and Senate this year, adding, "I think the Lord's going to take care of that."
Political prognosticator Larry Sabato said in an interview with Great Falls, Montana's Tribune, "While he's not necessarily toast, but you can smell the bread burning."
McConaughey is fine as the muscular prognosticator, but the story is essentially weak and simplistic - we know that as soon as he reaches the top of the pile that things are going to fall apart ready for the expected backward slide and realisation that...
It is little help to see the prophet as a prognosticator or a soothsayer.
"You're sort of like a corporate memory." Nancy started out by admitting "I've never been a prognosticator," and then explained how the whole thing began, looking back to CIL's days as a mimeographed newsletter.
Thales, apparently an excellent prognosticator, suspected that the olive harvest would be exceptionally good one year, so he bought options securing him the exclusive use of olive presses in his area.