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having a projecting lower jaw

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It reminded me of Paul Broca, the eminent nineteenth-century evolutionary theorist who believed that a "prognathous" (i.e., forward-jutting) face was directly linked with stupidity and social inferiority.
The next most obvious deformity was in their faces, almost all of which were prognathous, malformed about the ears, with large and protuberant noses, and often strangely coloured or strangely placed eyes....
Indeed, the sciences of physiognomy and phrenology, with their emphasis on the prognathous jaw of Negroes, was said to support clearly the primitive nature, and, hence, slavish inferiority, of African people.
Exceedingly tall and gaunt with a long, prognathous jaw, he never took his eyes from me as he went over to an accordion wilted across a stool.
Just as skulls became less prognathous as the races began their slow ascent to higher intellectual attainment, so the posture shifted the weight of the abdominal viscera from the thorax to the pelvis ...
(25.) See, for instance, Samuel Cartwright, "Diseases and Peculiarities of the Negro Race", DeBow's Review, 11 (1851), 64-69, 212-213, 331-37; "Philosophy of the Negro Constitution", New Orleans Medical and Surgical Journal, 9 (1852), 195-208; and "Ethnology of the Negro of Prognathous Race", New Orleans Medical and Surgical Journal, 15 (1858), 149-63.
In fact in a dictionary article of 1866 on "Anthropology," Broca summarized a position which could have been articulated by many members of the SEP: "Never has a people with dark skin, woolly hair, and a prognathous [prominent jaw, receding forehead] face been able spontaneously to elevate itself to civilization; the African Negroes, who are far from the lowest rank in the human series, have never given their societies stability, the essential condition of progress; and one has never seen any government unite as a nation the savage tribes of Australians and Pelagian or Melanesian Negroes."(86)
Obviously, since there was no point at all in submitting them before any of the trials had been run, if you went to the post on the day the competition was first trumpeted, then you are a slack-jawed cretin with scuff marks on your knuckles and dribbles of saliva trickling down your prognathous chin.
In Local Anaesthetic the story of the teacher Starusch and his student, who wants to express his opposition to the American use of napalm in Vietnam by immolating his dog on the Kurfurstendamm in Berlin, is told through the visions that Starusch projects onto the television screen in his dentist's office and in phone calls to his dentist during the weeks between his two operations for a prognathous lower jaw.
Stoddard described a Jewish "Negroid strain" that showed itself in "frizzy or woolly hair, thick lips, and prognathous jaws."(62) This international racialist literature persisted little changed from 1900 into the 1930s.
In Arnold's own day, Punch cartoons portrayed Irishmen as hairy, prognathous creatures with knuckles trailing the ground and the Victorian ideology in general linked the Irish with women and children as regressive, excessively emotional beings, charming but feeble-minded.
By taking class resentment and turning it into xenophobia and "cultural conservatism," he is doing precisely what his prognathous ideological ancestors did, and on behalf of the same interests.
Unable to conform to British political and cultural norms, he was depicted as racially inferior, more ape-like than man, a despised simian with ludicrously exaggerated prognathous features.
Larvae are whitish, with a desclerotized or lightly sclerotized grub-like body with long pale setae, and bearing a prognathous head with mandibulate mouthparts.