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having a projecting lower jaw

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This may be due to heightened aesthetic awareness of a prognathic mandible in girls, which leads them to assume, quite early in life, a modified head posture allowing them to minimize the appearance of a prominent chin.
Orientation, prognathic; length 2.00-2.20 mm ([bar.x] = 2.08 [+ or -] 0.05 mm); maximum width near the mid-point between the posterior apex of the frontoclypeus and the occipital carina.
Also supporting this hypothesis is the fossil record within the human lineage; the oldest fossils that present evidence of bipedal behavior belong to individuals with relatively prognathic faces (Jaws projecting forward), larger canines, and smaller brains.
Now there are concepts such as neoteny, which suggests that all humans stop their development at the ape juvenile stage and have developed a bigger brain and a less prognathic face.
The child exhibited typical general appearance of HR with short stature at a height of 149 cm, which is below the 5th percentile for height in Jordanian boys, bowing of the lower extremities, and abnormal gait, his facial appearance indicated a prognathic mandible (Fig 1a).
Extra oral examination revealed long and narrow face with concave profile due to prognathic mandible (Fig 1A).
96.79deg +-2.6 According to Hwan WJ12 the average nasolabial angle was 78.5o in young Korean males and 126o in young Korean females showing sexual dimorphism, we also found sexual dimorphism in our study in younger groups as males are more prognathic than females but in middle age groups the females are slightly more prognathic than males which is in accordance with another study conducted by Sheikh and Alvi13 according to whom females showed more dental protrusion.
And while Shields preferred to relate the saga of Irish home rule to his Toronto audience mostly through the use of local "Irish" figures, two other aspects of his work are highlighted in the rest of the discussion: his re-appropriation of symbolic practices long used to satirize Irish nationalists and Ireland itself (but without the prognathic features), and his attempts to legitimize the unionist position through his imaginative renderings of (Orange) Ulster and Ulstermen versus (Green) Ireland and Irishmen.
The surgical term for this is a class three mal-occlusion, or a prognathic mandible.
"To the extent one rises in the series of human races," cranial volume and brain weight increase, the facial angle increases, and prognathic (receding forehead and prominent jaw) face conformation decreases.
''The face is tall with a massive brow ridge, yet the mid-face is short (in superoinferior dimension) and less prognathic than in (chimpanzee) or Australopithecus,'' one of the article said.