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the condition of being prognathous

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In a study called the Progenia project, gerontologists are studying Sardinians for evidence of genetic influences on two traits: severe arterial stiffness and frequent positive emotions.
(5) Large-scale projects include, among others, the Icelandic Health Sector Database, the Estonian Genome Project, Biobank UK, Marshfield Clinic's Personalized Medicine Research Project (U.S.), the Latvian Genome Project, Cartagene (Quebec), ProgeNIA (Sardinia), UmanGenomics (Sweden) and the Genomic Research in the African Diaspora (U.S.).
Veto e che Ia progenia sua fu a lancisa ch ie su Ia riva di Arno et mette luno locho per laltro" (Here it ought to be known that Petrarch was not born on the bank of the Arno, but was born in Arezzo in a quarter towards the east, as he writes in his first epistle to his friend Socrates [Ludwig van Kempen]; it is true that his ancestors came from Incisa on the banks of the Arno, and so he exchanges one place for the other) ([N4.sup.v]).
In the "Special Faces" series, Burson created sumptuous, richly toned portraits of children and adults born with such craniofacial conditions as progenia (accelerated aging) and Apert syndrome (bone malformation).