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in an abundant manner

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Legree was serving brandy, profusely, round among them, as also among the negroes, who had been detailed from the various plantations for this service; for it was an object to make every service of this kind, among the negroes, as much of a holiday as possible.
We left for Turin at ten the next morning by a railway which was profusely decorated with tunnels.
And now vegetation matured with vigour; Lowood shook loose its tresses; it became all green, all flowery; its great elm, ash, and oak skeletons were restored to majestic life; woodland plants sprang up profusely in its recesses; unnumbered varieties of moss filled its hollows, and it made a strange ground-sunshine out of the wealth of its wild primrose plants: I have seen their pale gold gleam in overshadowed spots like scatterings of the sweetest lustre.
The platform, as well as the caves of the house, were surmounted by gaudily painted railings, and the genius of Hiram was exerted in the fabrication of divers urns and mouldings, that were scattered profusely around this part of their labors.
If jostled, they bowed profusely to the jostlers, and appeared overwhelmed with confusion.
The relic-hunter battered at these persistently, and sweated profusely over his work.
It had been ripped almost in half, and was still bleeding profusely.
From her shoulders hung a broad straw hat profusely decorated with flowers and wonderfully beribboned in the fashion of the time.
On the left side also is the ample fireplace, surmounted by its marble mantelpiece, carved in the profusely and confusedly ornate style of eighty years since.
Summary: Allan Isichei was bleeding profusely when he rang the doorbell of a neighbourhood home
She profusely quotes Urdu poetry in her writings and lectures.
Summary: Latehar (Jharkhand) [India], June 28 (ANI): An unconscious and profusely bleeding pregnant woman was brought to a community health centre (CHC) here on a motorcycle as the hospital did not send an ambulance to transport her, alleged her family members.
Summary: The child was bleeding profusely but still breathing, and was rushed to the hospital.
Profusely bleeding at the ER with everybody oblivious of him, Pinol saw a woman in white and asked her, 'Miss, please attend to me, I'm bleeding.'
Philippine delegation officials profusely sought for the boat's release, even elevating their request to top Indonesian government officials, to no avail.