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Synonyms for profuse

Synonyms for profuse

growing profusely

given to or marked by unrestrained abundance

characterized by excessive or imprudent spending

Synonyms for profuse

produced or growing in extreme abundance

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Using ProFuse to initially evaluate MRI images, radiologists can provide accurate mapping data about abnormalities, which can then be confirmed during a biopsy.
Very red, painful eye, halos around bright lights, profuse watering of the eye, especially with contact lenses.
The authors studied electrolyte loss from profuse sweating in soccer-team players and evaluated the relationship between this source of iodine loss and iodine deficiency.
In general, low sodium levels in the bloodstream (medical term: hyponatremia, pronounced hypo-nuh-TREE-me-uh) may be linked to taking water pills, chronic diarrhea, kidney problems, or profuse sweating (medical term: hyperhidrosis).
Not only are they attractive, profuse long flowerers, they thrive in most soil conditions and are even shade and drought tolerant.
The move was welcomed by Weoley's Conservative councillor Peter Douglas Osborn, who said: "This is a major weapon in dealing with the profuse numbers of ugly adverts in the city, some of which make it look like an old Eastern Bloc capital.
PROFUSE embarrassment at Barnsley, where basic maths seems to cause major problems.
It would not disclose the nature of the complaints, but one of the complainants, Conservative Mid-Bedfordshire MP Nadine Dorries, described the show as a "production of profuse expletives".
Catherine Tate by comparison chose to try and make us laugh with profuse foul language, on Christmas Day, when almost all childrenwould still be up on what is for almost everyone, a special day of the year.
One of the people who complained, Conservative Mid-Bedfordshire MP Nadine Dorries, described the show as a "production of profuse expletives".
One of the complainants, Conservative MP Nadine Dorries, described the show as a "production of profuse expletives".
We are very lucky because we have a few acres of our own woodland which is profuse with bluebells.
Rhinoscopy of the left nasal chamber revealed a profuse, fetid discharge and a mass in the posterior portion of the nasal fossa.
It was a wild and windy weekend that left thousands of home without electricity, travellers risking dangerous conditions and anyone daring to venture out wrapping themselves in profuse layers of clothing.
a seasoned amateur astronomer and member of the Indiana Astronomical Society, the Astronomical League, and the American Amateur Astronomers Association) is profuse illustrated, "reader friendly" astronomy guide focused specifically on the Andromeda Galaxy.