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Synonyms for profundity

Synonyms for profundity

intellectual penetration or range

deep, thorough, or mature understanding

Synonyms for profundity

wisdom that is recondite and abstruse and profound

intellectual depth


Related Words

the intellectual ability to penetrate deeply into ideas

the quality of being physically deep

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The reader will often be stunned, however, by a lyrical phrase of particular profundity. The author intersperses the drafts of Nic's essays throughout the book, and her undeniable journalistic talent shines.
Including Thoreau's thoughts on topics ranging from sex to solitude, manners to miracles, government to God, life to death, and everything in between, the book captures Thoreau's profundity as well as his humor ("If misery loves company, misery has company enough").
Berg, her collaborator since 2004, sets these narratives to hypnotic electronic soundtracks that offer profundity to the absurdity of her clay formations.
"It has been my yearning to spread awareness on the power and profundity of MMA all over our country.
When it achieves profundity, it does so by avoiding profundities." WILLIAM HUGHES
The Slave is a compact self-help book with exceptional accessibility and a profundity that encourages repeat reads.
It falls from profundity to pretentiousness and, lacking facts or insight, makes wild assumptions of our sympathies.
It falls from profundity to trippy pretentiousness and, lacking facts or insight, it makes wild assumptions of our sympathies.
The wide-roaming scenes that the reader rushes through inThe Art of Dying find humor in surprising places and profundity in the simplest, imbuing the natural, the exotic, and the domestic with equal measures of myth.
It is not only the story of a touching and offbeat friendship, but, seen through the eyes of Lord, a uniquely revealing insight into the beauty, frustration, profundity and, at times, downright chaos of the artistic process.
The expanse of preferred platforms for the pair--which include a porcelain used for an installation with storied manufacturer Sevres, textile pieces in the form of oversized sweaters, taxidermied animal backpacks, and even a bit of theater--reiterates their desire to create a nuanced visual language with both a sense of humor and profundity. Sedlmair and Sigurarson have most recently been dubbed by Swarovski and Design Miami as this year's Designers of the Future.
If you enjoyed 'proper' beer - cask ale - you wore a stained jumper, had a full-length beard and spent your time at beer festivals solemnly noting down comments of varying profundity on their accompanying beer sheets detailing all the ales provided for you.
"Beautiful Days, Holy Days: The Majesty and Profundity of the Jewish Holidays" is a 264 page compendium of informed and informative commentary that will reveal dimensions of the holidays that infuse them with life and meaning, and will make their observance experiences of growth and satisfaction.
As the building articles are geometrically decently characterized instead of common items furthermore they once in a while contain composition data, the fitting gimmicks shape (or form) to catch its two dimensional substance alongside its 3D implanting data, its profundity profile at every pixel on the form, has been utilized.